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Durian Fruit

Rambutan | Mangosteen/Buah Manggis | Durian


Those who have tried the mangosteen often consider it to be one of the most delicious fruits on earth and thus, the mangosteen, garcinia mangostana, is often called the "queen of tropical fruits" throughout Southeast Asia.

The mangosteen grows on small trees native to tropical Malaysia. The mangosteen has a tough, leathery purple rind that encloses white fruit segments. The flesh is juicy, sweet and slightly tart.

The mangosteen is ripe when its outer skin is slightly soft to the touch and its purple color is fully developed. Ripe mangosteens keep well for 3 to 4 weeks in storage at 40 to 55 F (4.44-12.78 C). Longer periods cause the outer skin to toughen and the rind to become rubbery; later, the rind hardens and becomes difficult to open and the flesh turns dry.

Buah Manggis or Mangosteen Fruit is not related in any way to mango fruit.


You will be suprise that you are able the count the number of flesh before even opening the fruit.
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